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  Collie Related Websites:
Collie Club of America
American Working Collie Association

Collie Rescue Websites:
Collie Rescue Foundation
Houston Collie Rescue
Pueblo Collie Sheltie Rescue
Dallas-Fort Worth Collie Rescue
Collie Rescue Austin


Other Useful Resouces:

HOW TO KEEP YOU AND YOUR PET SAFE IN AN AUTO EMERGENCY - a very useful guide for the pet owner who travels with a dog just to the vet or on a vacation.
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BE PREPARED! HELPFUL DISASTER SAFETY TIPS FOR PET OWNERS - a pet owner disaster safety guide diving into general preparedness tips, how to plan/pack for disasters, tips for taking shelter at home, evacuation safety, and pet safety. Go to https://topdogvitamins.com/pet-disaster-preparedness-guide/

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HOW TO MOVE YOUR PET TO A NEW HOME - a good guide to move your pet safelywith a mimimum of frustration both for the owner and the pet. Go here and move safely.

PET SAFETY IN CARS – a very informative article to use as your check list. SWCR would also like to add the following suggestions:
• carry your recent dog health records along with your vet’s phone and fax numbers(in case a travel vet has questions),
• add your cell phone to the identification tag (if you are on the road, you won’t be home to answer your house phone),
• if you are travelling overnight, check for pet friendly accomodations such as campgrounds, motels or bed and boards.
Go here and travel well and safely.

GUIDE TO CANINE BODY LANGUAGE: If you can learn to interpret how your dog is feeling by observing its posture and expression and listening to it, you'll be well on the way to successful communication with your pet and better equipped to solve any behavior problems that arise. Go to http://www.pawsacrossamerica.com/interpret.html

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A COMPLETE GUIDE TO PET-PROOFING YOUR HOME, a well thought out guide created by a CA real estate group that use this guide to assist home buyers in finding the right house for their pets. You can find good information about pet-proofing your home if you are planning to move or planning to adopt your first pet at http://lahomes.com/pet-safe-home-tips/

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