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Collies Adopted 2019 - Page 1






Teddy adopted June 2019 by Cyndi and Pete in Arvada CO

Tess adopted June 2019 by Maryanne in Tyrone NM

Ranger(Colt) was adopted June 2019 by Laura and Stephen in Flagstaff AZ

Chewy adopted in June 2019 by Leslie and Beomjin in Chandler AZ

Mickey adopted March 2019 by Andrew and Patricia in Phoenix AZ

Sandy adopted April 2019 by Susie in Gilbert AZ

Shep (Joey) adopted April 2019 by Barbara in Sapello NM

Ava (aka Collie) adopted in May 2019 by Damon in Albuquerque NM

Buster adopted January 2019 by Lisa in Amarillo TX

Ranger adopted February 2019 by Tony and Crystal in Sierra Vista AZ

Scotty adopted in March 2019 by John and Claudia in Port Townsend WA

Athena adopted in March 2019 by Marilyn in Green Valley AZ

Gypsy (Jurnee) adopted January 2019
by Jeanmarie in El Paso TX


Ruby adopted January 2019 by Marianne in Albuquerque NM

Sugar adopted January 2019

by Molly and Gerald in
Phoenix AZ


Fudge adopted January
by Molly and Gerald in
Phoenix AZ