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Collies Adopted 2018 - Page 2






Bingo adopted December 2018 by Carl and Karen in Albuquerque NM






Jethro Sky adopted November 2018 by Nancy and David in Roswell NM

Deacon adopted November 2018 by Tara and Brooks in Albuquerque NM

Tia adopted December2018 by Lis and Terry and family in Pheonix AZ

Maisie adopted December 2018 by Bill in Las Cruces NM


Sally adopted September 2018 by Pat and Larry in Albuquerque NM

Darcy adopted October 2018 by Kathy and Tim in Alamogordo NM


Max adopted July 2018 by Anne in Santa Fe NM

Aiden adopted October 2018 by Keinith and Terry in Glendale AZ

Electra adopted July 2018
by Juanita in Mesa AZ

Nina adopted May 2018
by Kevin and Wendy in Gilbert AZ

Lucious adopted September 2018 by Ruby in Phoenx AZ


Stormy adopted September 2018 by Deb in Roswell NM