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Collies Adopted 2015 - Page 2





Oscar was adopted by Christine in Flagstaff AZ October 2015.


Skye was adopted by Hickory, Stacey, Aspin and Lily in Cedar Crest NM October 2015.


Faith was adopted by Angie in Phoenix AZ October 2015.


Tav was adopted by John and Kettie in Rio Rancho NM November 2015

Kema adopted by James and Elizabeth in Santa Fe October 2015.

Coco adopted by Marcia and Paul in Desert Hills AZ October 2015.

Briscoe was adopted by Andrea and Scott in Queen Creek AZ October 2015.


Sima was adopted by Lyn and John in Los Lunas NM October 2015.


Crystal adopted by Tony in
Sierra Vista AZ August 2015.

Kayla adopted by Barbara in
Camp Verde AZ August 2015.

Laci adopted by Debi in Phoenix AZ August 2015

Prince (rt) and his friends Riley (middle) and Magpie (lf). Prince was adopted by Beverly in Amarillo TX August 2015.

Heidi Ho adopted by Carine and Kelvin in Gilbert AZ June 2015

Beau (Bowie) adopted by Ann in Albuquerque NM June 2015

Darby (Kahula) adopted by Kristin and Ron in Grand Terrace CA June 2015.


Emmy adopted by Xena in Tucson AZ July 2015.